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Nov 25

Client Testimonial

Blog posted by Chad Traynor  ::  Views (45821)
Chad, Thank you for all you have done for us and helping us through the process of buying and selling. You have made the transition easier with all your help and we have made a new friend in the process. With appreciation, The Walkem Family [ more ]
Jul 23

Client Testimonial

Blog posted by Chad Traynor  ::  Views (6321)
Chad is an excellent sales person and helped me throughout the entire process. Thanks Chad, M.G. [ more ]
Sep 7

New CMCH Rules

Blog posted by Chad Traynor  ::  Views (19558)
It has been 2 months or so since the new CMHC rules came into effect. Many are realizing what we have been saying, they have not made that much of a difference, especially to those that are looking to buy. Here are the latest changes and the impact they have had.   1. GDS/TDS maximum of... [ more ]
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