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Jun 21

Cathy MacKinnon - Travel Counsellor

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May 5

Orlando Day 1

Blog posted by Cathy Mackinnon  ::  Views (9091)
First Day in Orlando So we made it to Orlando yesterday.  I have to share this wonderful pic of the sunset while we were taking off.  I’m in love with clouds and sunsets, and this was just a perfect start to a very fun, but work related, trip. We are staying at Lake Buena Vista... [ more ]
May 2

Here We Go!

Blog posted by Cathy Mackinnon  ::  Views (7531)
  Well, I am heading off tomorrow. Where? you ask? Where would you like to go right now if you could? Caribbean Cruise? Jamaica? Florida? Mexico? Far-away Island? You will have to stay tuned to this blog to find out as I will be going to many destinations! I will give... [ more ]
Apr 26

Cathy's Travel Blast Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon! Follow me as I travel around the world! I will soon be embarking on a brand new adventure! I will share my stories and sites with you each day - it will be as if you are along for the ride ! Stay tuned... more details to follow! Cathy [ more ]
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