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What is one of the best enhancements I can do when selling my home?

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The best thing to do is curb appeal. Now everybody talks about curb appeal, but what is that? Anything that enhances the entry way from the driveway on . Always make sure the exterior is very well maintained and de-cluttered around  the front door. If it is within your budget to make any changes I have always believed  in wide , almost exaggerated wide, stairs at your entry . Whether it's two stairs or ten ,  this is always a winning feature to any home . By sheer proportion it gives the illusion of being easier to assent and feels safer to descend . It also provides for extra seating should a crowd drop by,  or a spot for potted flowers. This is an area for a punch of colour in something organic, that really makes a home feel welcoming .Be careful to not clutter it  up, so use uniform pots sizes and flower colours  to keep it looking organized and clean, This is also an area for a design style statement and this really needs to suit the architecture of the house. Your front door style also says a lot about what's inside. One of my current favorites are the fiberglass wood simulated doors. Of course there's nothing like the real thing but the fiberglass  are fully stainable to your desired colour and are more environmentally friendly. Wood or fiberglass, the warm  feel this type of look exudes has a broad appeal and often makes people attach a greater value to the property.Curb appeal  is an area where it is good to get advice and avoid spending money where you don't need to. Sometimes there is a no cost, big improvement that you can make that fresh eyes can point out . Many consultants are well versed on exterior and even will help you pick anything from a new roof ,  eavestrough, or garage doors. These are significant investments , so for the cost of a consultation  take the pressure off and get somebody that understands the design era of the homes and it's  inherent architecture, or help you redesign a new face for your home. 

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