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What are some of the upcoming trends?

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There are four predominant looks for 2011. 'Farm' which is a new twist on country that's much more simplified and minimalist with natural tones punctuated by small amounts of fresh brights or deep classic navy and brown. 'Order' is a contemporary look that is dominated by repetition and organization also extremely simplistic and sterile in a high tech fashion often emulating city architecture. 'Tribal' is our new take on the jungle or safari look that dominated about 10 years ago who's influence is based on an authentic search for roots and understanding diversity and global “conectiveness” which is expressed through large hand made authentic pieces. 'Retro' is symbolic of nostalgia and represents escapism to days gone by – this can represent many eras but three that will dominate ate a return to the Art Deco of the 1920's, a father knows best 1950's and a flower child naturalness of the 1960's. Many of us are eclectic and comprised of elements of each or these trends; it is how we put them together which determines the personality of your home.

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