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I just had Terry LeClair over to give me an assessment of my house. I mentioned I would like to paint my hallway and he suggested I contact you. What is the cost and when can I book a consultation with you?

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Hi , Painting a hallway can be a daunting task. Is yours two storey or open to a foyer below ? These are things that definitely can effect the price.  A great painter to talk to should you decide to go the route of a professional , is Daryl Bedard @ 726-6289,  he  is very fairly priced and doesn't mind doing one area.  I do have available time next week . Would you be able to call me in the morning at 739-7730  and I will fit you in asap. The normal fee for a whole home consultation is $150.00 a flat fee for an hour . If you have just a few questions a half hour is just $100. During that time I would be able to give you a few staging tips as well. If you are going to be painting yourself there are some terrific paint options that will make your job easy and splatter free !  I usually suggest light neutral tones for this type of area as the buyer can be put off by heavy, dark or greyed tones . The undertone is very important and can help or hinder what is on the floor . I'll look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you next week . Thanks for the inquiry Bonnie. 

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