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Sue Kay
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Hello Sue, I have a client who wants to repaint the exterior of their home. Its the big "rogers house" at 122 Sunnidale, you may know it? Anyway can you recommend someone for exterior painting that will be reasonable, qualified and do a great job? Stephen Stables Century 21

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Hello Stephen,

I am familiar with that house and I have always admired it. Are they planning on changing the existing colour because that will influence the price. I have just the gentleman for you that will do a super job. His name is Reuben, and can be found at 705 795 4587. If Reuben is unable to accommodate  your time frame let me know. We are a little way away  from being able to do a good job this early in the season. Generally we will advise waiting until mid may for optimal drying conditions. Let me know if you need my help in the colour or product selection.

Thanks for thinking of me .


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